TRAXX is a 24 minute television programme that delivered an exciting mix of comedy and musical entertainment.

The show is a spin-off from the ever popular television series - ROYAL PALM ESTATE prompted by the million-dollar winnings of the caretaker character "Mackie". The undoubted success of the series since 1997 spawned its own spin-off in the year 2000 - STAR SEARCH AT TRAXX.  

TRAXX owed its success to two main reasons:

  • The outstanding comedic talent of Oliver Samuels as the "bail-out" star who headed a dynamo comedic team of Audrey Reid (of Dance Hall Queen fame), Bob Kerr, Volier Johnson, Leonie Forbes (Doctor Bird Awards 2000 Inductee) and Ronald Goshop ("Mackie").
  • The performances of leading artists drawn from the Jamaican and Caribbean music industry - Reggae to Soca who provide a solid entertainment package within the Traxx club itself.

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