Face to Face is a spirited and provocative adult discussion programme for television, that runs for one hour.  It focuses on human sexuality.  It informs and entertains, attracting an adult audience.

The Programme features the insights of 3 informed guests representing the spiritual, the medical (including psychiatric) and secular/professional (usually female) perspectives.

Comments from the man-in-the-street, come into the drawing room of the guests featured  on the programme.  This is a device to introduce the 3 topics covered in each week's programme.

The show extends over 3 seasons
, each with 13-15 episodes and can be seen on CVM-TV.


  • Rev Glen Archer (Minister of Religion/Educator)
  • Mrs. Jean Bertram (Educator)
  • Dr. Audley Betton (Physician)
  • Rev Herro Blair (Bishop)
  • Jean Chang (Marketing Executive)
  • Rev Clinton Chisholm (Minister of Religion)
  • Rev Oliver Daley (Minister of Religion)
  • Rev Peter Espeut (Roman Catholic Deacon)
  • Dr. Errol Daley (Gynecologist)
  • Dr. Lennie Jackson (General Practitioner)
  • Pastor David Keane (Religious Leader)
  • Father Michael Lewis (Roman Catholic Priest)
  • Jan Lopez (Addiction Therapist)
  • Sharon Marley (Singer, Entrepreneur)
  • Barbara McCalla-Lee (Attorney/Actress)
  • Jennifer Messado (Attorney)
  • Kathryn Phipps (Attorney)
  • Dr. Glenda Simms (Director-Bureau of Women's Affairs)
  • Donna Smith (Attorney)
  • Vanessa Taylor (Entrepreneur)
  • Debbie Tyson (Broadcaster)
  • Dr. Sam Vassel (Minister of Religion)
  • Dr. Aggrey Irons (Psychiatrist)
  • Dr. Kemal Gajraj (Gynecologist)



Generation Gap
Age of Consent

Sex before Marriage
How early should people start having sex?
First date

Men are more concerned about their own satisfaction rather than their woman's

Can sex toys improve sexual performance

Is sex between relatives acceptable?
Should people have sex with  their boss for a job promotion,
job security, or a raise of pay?
"Price is Right"

Men who beat Women
Can a man rape his wife?
Should rapists be castrated?

Is Homosexuality inborn or is it learnt?
What's more offensive - Gay men or gay women?

Are some racial types better at sexual intercourse?
Interracial Sex