FOSTER, SUPERINTENDENT ZEKE - played by TEDDY PRICE - is a slow to speak, thoughtful, thoroughly competent policeman who almost "always gets his man". This straight path has made him a great deal of enemies and makes him the natural protagonist to the 'corrupt' Inspector Madden, Julia Blackburn and Leslie Irving. Foster was first introduced to Julia Blackburn when Ted Blackburn was kidnapped.  He became well acquainted with the remaining Blackburns and they maintained an amicable relationship.  This changed when Julia shot Dr. Molly Rainford.  Foster was instrumental in having Julia arrested and charged with murder.  This made him her permanent enemy and due to her maneuverings and bribery of Assistant Commissioner McLaren, it led to him being transferred to a remote police force training institution in Malvern - effectively putting his career on hold.

Though in exile, Foster continued to uphold his values and belief in justice.  When he began to pursue an investigation into the illegal activities of the ex Parliamentary Secretary, Leslie Irving, this created another dangerous  situation for Foster.  Irving had Foster shot.  Luckily for Foster he lived but he lost the use of his legs and was confined to a wheelchair.  This only further ignited Foster's drive to bring Irving to justice.  

Foster developed a very deep friendship with the enthusiastic English reporter Beth Morris.  This relationship troubled his young wife, Millicent, immensely and led to a great deal of tension between the couple.  But with Beth's help, he was able to gain access to very incriminating evidence - a laptop with files linking Irving to criminal activity - which would put Irving behind bars for a number of years. Although Irving tried desperately to get his hands on the evidence, Beth was able to secretly get the laptop out of the country.

Foster was delighted when he learned that his wife was pregnant but this happiness was short-lived.  Millicent was kidnapped and Foster became convinced that Irving was behind it.  A miracle happened simultaneously amidst this trauma - Foster regained the use of his legs.  With the help of his friends - Kay Figueroa, and ex Irving model Brandy - Foster embarked on a hunt for Millicent.  Disillusioned by the lack of effort on the part of the police force, Foster became relentless in his search for his wife and went beyond the confines of the law.  Unfortunately, he was unable to find Millicent in time and in a daring shoot out was only able to recover the dead body of his wife and their unborn child.  His friendship with Kay continued to be a source of constant strength for Foster and with time Foster realized he was in love with her.  He eventually opened up to Kay about his feelings and with some persuasion she gave in to his advances and they made love.  When Foster found out that Kay was still associating with Sonny T he hit the roof and demanded she stop.  Kay retaliated and put and indefinite hold on their relationship.  Months later she gave him the news that she was pregnant.  Foster was not convinced that the child was his and even encouraged Kay to have an abortion.  The two did not speak for some time.  Foster eventually decided to embrace the pregnancy, somewhat, and suggested that Kay go to England and stay with his sister for the remainder of her pregnancy.

Teddy Price is a pharmacist and drug salesman but also a veteran of Jamaican theatre.  Teddy has been a consistent member of the cast since the 4th season of RPE.  


GAVIN - played by LASANA PITTER - is the best friend of Inspector Trevor Madden's son, Lasana.  When Madden's daughter Misha returned from Miami, she and Gavin soon sparked up a friendship.  Misha's troubles with her family made Gavin the perfect escape.  The two started out as friends but things quickly progressed to a romantic relationship.  Outside of her father, who did not like the idea of his daughter dating, Gavin' biggest problem was that Misha refused to sleep with him.  One afternoon together, Misha had taken a pack of condoms from Gavin.  The pack only had two of the original three remaining.  She hid it in her room but when her father found it he and Misha had a falling out and she ran away.  Misha hid out at Gavin's house for a few days and Madden even accosted him.  Gavin feared that Misha was no longer safe with him and sent Misha to stay with his ex-girlfriend Nicole. 

Lasana Pitter, is currently pursuing his comercial pilot's license. This is his second appearance on RPE.  The first character he played was as one of the thieves who stole the briefcase with Ted Blackburn's will from Richard and shot Richard in the face disfiguring him.


GAYLE, HILLARY - played by MARCELLAS JAMES - was Legal Advisor to Minister Lester Robinson in the Ministry of Foreign Relations. Her admiration for her boss soon turned to deepening affection and eventually a full-blown affair.  Once Hillary realized she was pregnant she pressured Lester into appointing her as Ambassador to France not only to keep her situation out of the tabloid spotlight but to boost her career.  Lester, still a married man and an ambitious Prime Minister hopeful, hurriedly granted Hillary's request.  Hillary is now living in France with her and Lester's child, Lester Pierre Robinson III.  She took maternity leave to return to Jamaica with the child.  Much to her disappointment, Lester was not happy to see her or their child. She and Lester battled over expenses for the child, the future of his relationship with her and the child itself.  Finally, Lester attempted to use a tender approach.  The two made love but the air of love quickly faded once rumors indicating that Lester was possibly the father of Hillary's child.  When Lester's true feeling reemerged, Hillary quickly packed her bags and went back to France.

Marcellas James is an actress, model and a dealer in clothing accessories.    


HUDSON, SHANE - is played by -  OTHENIEL HALLIBURTON - an attractive young attorney working in the same law firm as Stacey Bennett Q.C.  In Stacey's absence, he took on responsibilities for her client Leslie Irving and by extension Irving's associate and lover, Jennifer Chambers.  Irving's death created a flurry of wannabe benefactors - making Shane a very integral player in the fate of Irving's fortune.

He was in a serious relationship with a model named Jessica.  The relationship was plagued with problems including Shane's jealousy and Jessica "premature" yearning for them to tie the knot.  When Jessica opted to move to England to pursue her modeling career an old flame re-entered his life, TV journalist Chloe Martin.  Shane and Chloe had dated years ago but when Shane went away to law school they relationship disintegrated.  It's obvious that the two still interested in each other and things seem to be heating up fast.

Otheniel Halliburton is a music teacher and a recipient of the first John Jones Bursary donated by Mediamix in memory of former RPE cast member, John Jones after his death.  


IRVING, LESLIE - played by CARL DAVIS - started out as the ambitious, marginally unscrupulous Parliamentary Secretary to Minister Lester Robinson. He represented those politicians who believe that a successful end is justified by any means necessary.  Irving and Lester got involved in a bad business deal with some Japanese interested in bauxite on Royal Palm Estate.  The Jamaicans could not deliver the goods, but gladly took the money.  Irving tried to gain the upper hand with Lester by using the sour deal as blackmail. This proved wrong when Lester made him the scapegoat for the whole mess and eventually forced Irving to resign.

Irving then went on to pursue an underground lifestyle using Sonny T as a model - surrounded by beautiful girls and the protection of Sonny T's former police strong arm - Trevor Madden .  Under the guise of the modeling agency, Higher Heights, Irving operated his counterfeit money trade.   Irving met Jennifer Chambers - then at rock bottom - and the two quickly formed an alliance.  Jennifer became Irving's primary means of smuggling the counterfeit money out of Jamaica but she also became his main sexual companion.  Julia was desperate to have Elliot Rousseau, her ex lover and "troublemaker", killed so she inveigled Irving to do the job and in the process agreed to allow him to rent the beach house left vacant after Sonny T's apparent demise.  Irving even forced Julia Blackburn into sleeping with him, and he never let her forget it.

Superintendent Foster was hot on Irving's trail and even tried to have him arrested.  Irving temporarily got Foster off his back by having Foster shot.  Unfortunately for Irving, Foster didn't die.  Foster was only crippled and even more determined to get his man. With the aid of Beth Morris, Foster was able get Irving sufficiently worried by gathering evidence that held important incriminating information about Higher Heights' illegal activities. Sonny T returned unexpectedly and was focused on reclaiming his status as top dog of the Jamaican underworld.  Julia Blackburn hated Irving for his persistence and crassness.  Following Sonny T's return , Julia sensed the challenge to Irving's status and became eager to get rid of him.  She seduced him, but after they had sex, Julia beat herself up and went to the police claiming Irving had raped her.  Irving was arrested and faced rape charges.  His lawyer Stacey Bennett Q.C. fought vigorously to ensure her client didn't have to go to court but she could not even get him released on bail.  Julia had the forces of Assistant Commissioner McLaren pitted against Irving.

Jennifer ran the business while Irving was incarcerated and controlled all of his funds.  Madden was hired by Sonny T to kill Irving..  Before Madden completed the task, he had Irving pay him to kill Sonny T.  Madden then handed Irving his "last supper" - a container of ackee and saltfish spiked with poison.  Irving was found unconscious in his cell  but in an attempt to avoid scandal - particularly during an election race, the government hid Irving and the details of his condition.   Eventually, it was announced that Irving had died of heart failure and his body was buried.  To avoid having the body exhumed and a second ("real") autopsy done, Minister Lester Robinson ordered McLaren to secretly dig up the body and have it disposed of permanently.  Irving's fortune now rests in Jennifer Chamber's control, but not if a fraudulent heir, Marcus Irving, couched by Sonny T, has anything to say about it.

Carl Davis has played almost every role required in theatre from a stagehand to a director. His acting roles have led him to television and screen while his career path has taken him to a leading high school where he teaches.  He was a long standing member of the RPE cast.         


JESSICA - played by YATTICHIA MALCOLM - is an attractive model who was dating the successful attorney Shane Hudson.  Jessica's friend, Irie had Jessica and Shane do a photo shoot at a hotel on the north coast for a website she was working on.  While at the hotel, Jessica exchanged friendly overtures with the attractive Richard Blackburn.  Shane saw this and read more into the situation.  Shane's jealousy plagued their relationship but before it could be said that his jealousy caused their love's demise, Jessica made the decision to go to England to pursue her modeling career.

Yattichia Malcolm is currently a university student. 


LAWSON, ANDRE - played by WARREN SHERMAN - is a childhood friend of Tanya Blackburn who was playfully known to her as "Andy Pandy".  Although the two have not seen each other for some 20 odd years, a chance re-acquaintance created definite sparks.  Andre was in awe of Tanya's beauty and stardom, and Tanya seemed attracted to his good looks and successful career in high finance.  Tanya asked Andre to help her invest the money she received from an insurance settlement for her beach house which was burnt down.  The two saw each other casually for weeks, but they took things to a new level when he and Tanya took a little vacation together at a north coast hotel.  Romance was in the air and the two finally consummated their relationship.  Things seemed solid for some time, though Tanya warned Andre that she had her defenses up where relationships were concerned.  Andre soon learned why when her ex boyfriend/booking agent/drug supplier, Pedro Martalon re-entered her life.  The two had it out over Tanya and the dispute ended with Andre pulling a gun and firing it in Pedro's direction.

Warren Sherman is a manager of a security firm.  


LEVY, AARON - played by PAUL ISSA - is the third generation legal council for the Blackburn family and a close family friend. Aaron ran afoul of his friend and key client, Ted Blackburn when he attempted to claim a piece of the Blackburn estate by calling in a loan when Ted ran into difficulties with its repayment. Aaron's wife, Mary, is hot blooded and pleasure seeking but not always with her husband. The two eventually separated and she migrated.  Aaron is bombarded by Jennifer Chambers for sexual and legal favours while Julia Blackburn continues to turn up the pressure for his preferred attention and action.  Aaron's loyalties however are firmly with the Blackburn bloodline - the children of Ted Blackburn.  He has demonstrated this loyalty repeatedly by notifying Richard and Tanya whenever Julia attempts to get hold of or dispose of the resources of the Blackburn Estate behind their backs.

Paul Issa hails from a well known Jamaican family and is himself a banker, hotelier and entrepreneur while equal to the task of being an actor of stage and television.  He is one of RPE's original cast member from Season 1.  


MADDEN, MISHA - played by MARSHA HAMILTON - is the daughter of Inspector Trevor Madden who takes after her father with her saucy attitude.  Her mother, Rose Madden, took her and her brother Lasana to live in Miami in the mid 90's.  By the time Misha reached the age of 17 she had become too much for Rose to handle.  Rose shipped Misha back to Jamaica with the hope that Madden would have better luck with her.  This all appears futile since Madden seemed quite out of practice and unable to invoke any sort of parental authority over his daughter.  Misha became reacquainted with her brother's best friend from Jamaica, a university student named Gavin.  At Misha's request, Gavin cautiously provided her with marijuana to "ease" her stresses.  Their relationship became romantic but Misha, a virgin, refused to allow Gavin to deflower her. 

One day she took a pack of condoms from Gavin which contained only 2 of the original 3.  She hid them in her room but her father found them.  He assumed she was now sexually active and demanded he know with whom.  Their argument became heated and Misha ran away from home but not before Madden could draw and fire his gun.  She hid at Gavin's home while her father frantically searched for her.  It became obvious that she could no longer hide in a box in his garage and his closet was not an option.  Gavin decided that it would be best she stay with his ex-girlfriend, Nicole.  Nicole and Misha quickly hit it off.  Nicole was very supportive with respect to Misha's situation with her father.  Nicole was her confidant and first true friend upon returning to Jamaica.  When Misha's father found her on her way to a movie he attempted to take Misha home despite all her screams and retaliation.  Nicole came to her rescue and hit Madden over the head allowing for Misha's escape.

Much to Misha's disappointment, Gavin, fearing for his life, transferred to a university in Miami in order to get away from Misha and her vigilante father.  Despite all her troubles, Misha has a plan to take back control of her life.  With Nicole's help she may finally get her father off her back.

MARSHA HAMILTON is a young girl who started out with a highly acclaimed performance in the short film on domestic violence, "Starting Over."  She is currently a drama student at the Edna Manley College for the Visual and performing Arts.


MADDEN, TREVOR - played by BOBBY SMITH - known as a cocky, gun toting policeman who uses the law to serve his own interests even if these activities fall outside of the law.  He was a long time button man for Drug Don Sonny T but this relationship always had love-hate undertones.  Sonny T being anxious to get his hands on Royal Palm Estate had Madden put a number of schemes into effect.  From pictures of Julia Blackburn's extramarital affairs which were used to blackmail her, planting marijuana in Ted Blackburn's car and having him jailed, to even so much as murder - Madden has done it all.  When it came to Madden's home life with his wife, Rose, Madden appeared to be like any other faithful, attentive husband.  He struggled to keep the fires of passion alive in his marriage.  The somewhat conservative Rose found it hard to embark on Madden's sexual adventures.  His dangerous career came face to face with his home life and led to Rose taking their two children, Misha and Lasana to Miami where Rose perceived they would be safer.

Madden realigned himself with ex Parliamentary Secretary, turned Underworld King pin, Leslie Irving, when Sonny T appeared to have been killed in a fire.  When it turned out that Sonny T was not really dead, Madden was expected to make a choice between his new boss and the "resurrected" one. Madden played both sides as long as possible but this culminated in Sonny T hiring Madden to have Irving killed.  Sonny T agreed to pay Madden US$1 million before and another million after the job was completed. Madden brought Irving, while in police custody, his "last supper" - a container with Ackee and Salt fish laced with poison.  Before handing over the food, Madden in all his greedy glory made a last minute deal to kill Sonny T and had Irving call his assistant, Jennifer Chambers, with orders to deposit a substantial sum of money to one of Madden's overseas accounts.

Irving was found unconscious in his cell  but due to political expediency, his body and condition were kept secret in a government cover-up.  Since Madden could not confirm Irving's death, Sonny T refused to pay him the other million.  Because Madden's visit was so close to Irving's falling ill and coincided with the transfer of funds at the time of the visit, Jennifer Chambers and Assistant Commissioner McLaren suspected Madden's involvement.  This led to Madden being demoted to a uniformed policeman.  A furious and humiliated Madden quit the police force and started a private security company.  Madden is convinced that  Jennifer told McLaren about the money transfer and phone call and has threatened to make her suffer for her actions.  Due to Sonny T's adamant refusal to pay, Madden and Sonny T have now become enemies and their encounters are filled only with acrimony and threats.  When it was announced that Irving died of a "heart attack" Madden's claim to his million became even more bleak.  

Amidst all this drama, Madden's 17 year old daughter, Misha was sent home by Rose. Misha had become too much for  Rose to handle and it was now Madden's turn to have a go at parenting his feisty young daughter.  The two were at war over Misha's marijuana use, her suspected sex life and with whom she was possibily engaging in it with.  Things came to a head when Madden found  a pack of condoms in Misha's room which should have had three but only had two remaining.  When he accosted Misha thing quickly heated up and she attempted to run away from home.  In an attempt to stop her, Madden drew his gun and fired it in the air.  A frightened Misha ran off and was missing for weeks.  When Madden finally spotted her at a movie theatre, scantily clad in his opinion, he went berserk and tried to get her to come home.  As he was dragging her off, Misha's new friend Nicole hit him over the head allowing Misha and herself to escape.  Little does Madden know, his daughter has plans to get him out of her life once and for all.

After months of being at war with Sonny T, he and Madden came to an amicable agreement.  Sonny T would pay the balance and then some for the Irving job and in return Madden would help Sonny T track down the CIA agent, Jordan Dubois who posed as an American diplomat in an effort to entrap Sonny T.  Madden is now fast on Jordan's trail and the young CIA operative's days may be numbered.

Bobby Smith is a part-time actor, singer, songwriter, stand-up comic, and former lieutenant in the Jamaica Defense Force.  He is also a seasoned security executive.  Bobby is one of the veteran cast members of RPE, being a favourite from the very first season.   

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