The Main Cast form a colourful ensemble of characters who play both the protagonist and antagonistic roles vis-Ó-vis the Blackburn family. Though all maintain some tie to Royal Palm Estate, their individual stories emerge and show the many facets of Jamaican life.


ANDERSON, BRITTANY - played by TANIA TOMLINSON - is an attractive young ad executive running her own firm, Rutowesky, Anderson and Steinberg (R.A.S.).  This cultured woman enjoys savoring her whiskey neat, but unfortunately has no one to share it with.  She dated an architect, Taj Cooper, but after many years together he dumped her for an older woman, Prudence McLaren.  Humiliated and somewhat bitter, Brittany has closed the door once and for all on her relationship with Taj.  Instead, she has set her sights on Richard Blackburn for some time but to date nothing has developed.  She is getting competition for Richard's affections from the very sensual web designer, Irie.  Brittany does not intend to take this challenge lying down. 

When Brittany commissioned Taj to redecorate her office, Taj seemed to think that he could do more for her than just offer his professional services.  However, Brittany remained firm in her rejection of Taj's advances.  Enter  Minister of Foreign Affairs, Lester Robinson.  Lester's son Mustafa worked for Brittany briefly, but even after Mustafa left her employ, her friendship with Lester grew.  Nevertheless,  Lester had an obvious romantic interest in Brittany.  Brittany, although very intrigued by Lester, was unwilling to become involved with a married man.  Lester continued to pursue Brittany with pleas that he and his wife had long been separated and were on the road to divorce.  When Taj and Prudence broke up, Taj became focused on resuming his relationship with Brittany.  Neither Taj nor Lester stood a chance because Richard remained the jewel in Brittany's eye.  Much to her delight, Richard's sexual appetite has reopened and it appears he wants to dine on Brittany. 

Tania Tomlinson currently works as a human recourses manager in a financial firm.    


APPLE aka APPOLONIA - played by MARSHA-ANN HAYE - was once a "Sonny T girl", but eventually left that life behind and began working at a Kingston gym.  While on the job she met the attractive U.S. diplomat, Jordan Dubois.  The two became gym buddies.  Jordan grew even more interested in Apple when he realized that she could introduce him to the man he had spent months searching for - Sonny T.  Unknowingly, Apple delivered Sonny T into a trap set by the U.S. government to have him extradited to face charges.  Apple's relationship with Jordan became romantic and she developed a strong sense of loyalty to her new lover.

When Sonny T learned that Jordan may have been setting him up he tried to have Apple help him expose Jordan's true identity.  Despite Sonny T's threats, Apple chose to warn Jordan that Sonny T was after him.  She even continued to see Jordan in secret while he was in hiding. Sonny T found out about Apple's betrayal from Madden and she may now find that her days are numbered.

Marsha-Ann Haye is currently a flight attendant, but remains focused on exploring her creative side. 


BARRETT, BRUNO - played by CARL WILSON - is a hunky bodyguard assigned to Jennifer Chambers by Assistant Commissioner McLaren in light of  death threats by Trevor Madden.  Bruno turned out to be a valuable employee, demonstrating multiple skills including that of a masseuse.

Carl Wilson is is a private gym instructor.  


BENNETT Q.C., STACEY - played by BERTINA MACAULEY - is an ambitious lawyer who is a force to be reckoned with.  Ms. Bennett Q.C. is very quick to put anyone in their place if they dare to forget the very important "Q.C." from her name - a title that she's really earned.  Stacey was hired as Leslie Irving's attorney when Julia Blackburn had him charged with rape.  Stacey saw right through Julia's supposed "rape" case and was determined to have her client vindicated.  When Irving fell ill and his condition and location became top secret, she helped Irving's assistant and lover, Jennifer Chambers, to track down critical  information about the situation.  Jennifer Chambers learned that although Ms Stacy Bennett Q.C. charges a hefty fee, she's worth every penny of it. 

Stacey's recent legal battles involve Jennifer, and an imposter claiming to be Irving's son Marcus Irving.  Upon Jennifer's orders, Stacey is doing everything to keep Marcus away from Leslie Irving's estate.

Bertina MaCauley is a successful graphic designer as well as a very seasoned actress. 


BROTHER ROXEY - played by HAROLD NEWELL JR. - is the pastor who came to replace Pastor Johnson in the Royal Palm Estate district.  Upon meeting Miss Joyce, the long time widower's heart became reawakened with the revelation that Miss Joyce would be his future bride.  He very romantically and patiently courted Miss Joyce.  Joyce obviously had feelings for Roxey but she was a little out of practice to say the least.  The two made a humourous couple but their emotions are very enduring.  His love letters and attention brought a new found happiness to Joyce's life but she took the relationship very slowly.  She made sure it was very  "safe" (eg. the kissing condoms she required).  Roxey made one fatal error when he dared to insult Joyce's Rastafarian son Clifford 'CC' Blackburn.  Joyce was furious and immediately ordered Roxey out of her life.  Since then Roxey has tried to rekindle their romance but he's had no luck to date.

Harold Newell Jr. is an insurance salesman. 


CAMPBELL, JOYCE alias 'MISS JOYCE' - played by MARGUERITE NEWLAND (formerly CYRENE TOMLINSON deceased 1997) - depicts an authoritative, 'take charge' housekeeper who assumes responsibility for the smooth running of the house and the lives of its occupants. Joyce has been working at Royal Palm greathouse since she was a young girl.  In her early years at the Estate, she was blessed with her greatest gift, her son CC.  For years CC has begged his mother to reveal his father's identity but it appeared as though she would take that information with her to her grave. 

Joyce is good-hearted but strongly opinionated, and steeped in a classic plantation world-view that often clashes with that of CC's - who happens to be a Rasta.   She has always been dedicated to the Blackburns and after all her years of service she has not only become the cornerstone of the greathouse but an unofficial Blackburn. While Ted was alive and even after his death, Joyce has always maintained a special bond with him.  Ted left her and CC a portion of Royal Palm Estate.  This was threatened by Sonny T's claim that he had a Sales Agreement for the entire Estate.  

Miss Joyce has continually turned down a number of suitors but not till the new pastor, Brother Roxey, entered the picture did she return any affection.  Brother Roxey appears to have honest intentions where Miss Joyce is concerned.  Even though Roxey was eager to make her his wife, Joyce was far more cautious.  She took the romance very slowly but one day Roxey made derogatory comments about CC's Rastafarian beliefs and this forced Joyce to make a not so difficult choice between her son and Roxey.  She chose CC and has since not spoken to brother Roxey.

When it seemed that CC and Neeka - who at the time was the cook at Royal Palm Estate, were on the road to taking their relationship to a romantic level Joyce broke her long silence about CC's father.  She stopped the relationship by warning CC that he and Neeka shared the same father.  With this new found information, CC and Neeka embarked on a quest to find out their father's identity.  Much to Miss Joyce's dismay, they tricked Neeka's mother into revealing that Ted Blackburn was in fact the father of Miss Joyce's bundle of joy.  

Despite Sonny T's efforts, the land willed to Joyce was finally handed over to her and CC.  Unfortunately Joyce's days at the greathouse may be numbered since her relationship with Julia has become increasingly strained due to Julia's marriage to Sonny T.  On another front, Joyce still refuses to speak to Brother Roxey but he has not given up on trying to regain her affections.

Marguerite Newland is a seasoned and highly respected actress of stage and television, who has also dabbled in directing and writing. She is a communications specialist with a strong pull towards community involvement.


Cyrene Tomlinson (deceased 1997) was a talented actress acclaimed for her performances in the roles that she played on stage and radio. Professionally, Cyrene was an advertising and public relations consultant.  She was member of the RPE cast from the very first episode.


CHAMBERS, JENNIFER - played by CAROL CAMPBELL-WILLIAMS - she was the Kingston kept-mistress of Ted Blackburn, who gave birth to his much desired son, Ted Jr.  Ted arranged a legal settlement for Jennifer and the child and even planned to legally adopt the baby. This was interrupted by his untimely death. 

Jennifer has gone to great lengths to ensure that she and her child are well taken care of. She even succeeded in creating an intimate relationship with Richard Blackburn in the hope of gaining another foothold in the Blackburn family. She pretended to be pregnant with his child and forced him into paying her to keep it quiet, especially from Kay Figueroa, his fiancÚ at the time. She was not actually pregnant and ended up stealing a baby and passing it off as her own. When Jennifer placed the baby on Royal Palm's doorstep, Richard ran off into the mountains with the child.  Their whereabouts were unknown for a long time.

Jennifer then hooked her wagon to Leslie Irving as his personal assistant in Higher Heights Incorporated. Her relationship with Irving predictably went beyond the professional due to mutual desire and consent.  As his companion and partner in crime Jennifer became an even more dangerous force to be reckoned with.  When Irving was arrested she kept his business running from the outside.  She searched tirelessly for him when he fell suspiciously ill and disappeared while in police custody.  Upon Irving's death Jennifer stood as the obvious beneficiary for his substantial wealth - estimated at over US$15 million.  This "dead lef" is being threatened by a young man sent by Sonny T to pass himself off as Irving's son and heir apparent, Marcus Irving.  The highly skeptical Jennifer was in no way ready to part with Irving's millions, son or no son.  

Although Jennifer's love life had been in a slump since Irving's incarceration, she hoped to revive it with the help of her old flame, Richard.  She made continuous attempts, including using Ted Jr. as a pawn, to ensnare Richard.  The "reborn" Richard appeared to have learned from his past mistakes and was determined to have as little contact with Jennifer as possible.  Jennifer then turned her sights on her sexy new bodyguard, Bruno Barrett.  Bruno was assigned to Jennifer by Assistant Commissioner McLaren after she received death threats from the ex cop Trevor Madden.  Madden believed Jennifer was responsible for leaking information to McLaren which ultimately led to him resigning from the Police Force.  Jennifer devised a plan to seduce McLaren one evening when she lured him to her hotel suite.  What McLaren didn't know was that it was a setup and Jennifer had videotaped the entire event.

In an effort to get to the bottom of the Marcus Irving fiasco Jennifer devised a plan whereby Bruno pretended to mug Marcus and in the process cut off a lock of his hair. Jennifer requested McLaren use the Police labs to do a DNA comparison between Marcus' hair and a DNA sample from Leslie Irving.  Before the tests could be done, Sonny T figured out that it must have been Jennifer behind the whole hair robbery and decided to put a halt to the DNA tests.  McLaren was paid off to tell Jennifer that rats had broken into the lab and stolen the hair samples.  An irate Jennifer revealed to McLaren that she had videotaped their night of passion and would release copies of it to anyone who may be interested if he did not find the missing hair samples.  McLaren quickly complied but never let Sonny T know that he had gone back on his orders. 

When Jennifer learned that Marcus was really the ex con Staggerback and that Sonny T was behind the whole Marcus Irving masquerade she came up with a solution which would get both Sonny T and Staggerback off her back.  Time and time again Jennifer proves that she is the mistress of survival..  This was clearly displayed when she blackmailed Minister of Foreign Relations Lester Robinson with information concerning his extramarital affair with his former lawyer, Hillary Gayle and their 'bastard' child.  Jennifer used this information to force Lester to make a "little" tax problem she had disappear.  Since then she has taunted Lester with this bit of information much to his displeasure.

Carol Campbell lives and works overseas. She was a freelance model at the time of her introduction as an actress to the world of television through the Royal Palm Estate television series.  She is now in banking and has acted in a number of short films.  Carol is one of the original RPE cast members from Season 1.


COOPER, TAJ - played by TERRENCE "FAHRENHEIT" HAROLD - is a successful young architect.  For many years he was in a relationship with the beautiful Brittany Anderson until Taj called things quits and jumped straight into a relationship with Prudence McLaren, ex wife of Assistant Commissioner McLaren.  Taj and Prudence maintained a happy relationship despite the disapproval of Prudence's ex husband and the age difference. Although the relationship between Taj and Brittany had been over for some time, Taj still held a special place in his heart for her and constantly tried to get back in bed with her.    Luckily for Prudence, Brittany shot down all of Taj's advances.

Despite all the promise of a blossoming relationship, it came as a complete surprise to Taj when Prudence gave him his walking papers on his birthday of all days.  Prudence showed a jealous streak which he never imagined could have culminated in her crashing into his "pretty red Lexus". Nevertheless he still had his successful architectural firm, an attractive junior partner, Samantha Paulwell and a new relationship of sorts with Royal Palm Estate heiress, Tanya Blackburn.   Except for his firm, he lost both Sam and Tanya so all in all his love life seems to be a hopeless mess. 

Terrence "Fahrenheit" Harold  is a successful rock/reggae musician who has had marked success both locally and overseas.  He has scored some success in his television and stage appearances as an actor.  


DUBOIS, JORDAN - played by DEXTER HAMMETT - an attractive young diplomat from the United States born to a Jamaican mother and a Jordanian father.  Jordan came to Jamaica in the hope of gathering evidence on the Drug don turned arms dealer, Sonny T.  In an effort to "get his man",  Jordan enlisted the services of the very sensuous and attractive Kay Figueroa aka "Tiney Winey" to set up a meeting with Sonny T.  Kay's shady past as a prostitute, go go dancer and "mule" (drug courier) gave her ongoing links with Sonny T.  This association prevents her from getting visa for the U.S.  Jordan offered Kay a green card if she set up a meeting for him to meet Sonny T. 

While Jordan waited for Kay to seal the deal, they became lovers and this complicated the matters.  Since Kay began to fall for Jordan, she delayed setting up the meeting with Sonny T to afford them more time together.  As this romance developed Jordan met the attractive Tanya Blackburn and attempted to charm the young heiress.  Jordan began to doubt Kay's ability to deliver Sonny T and in a chance encounter met a young woman called Apple.  Apple was once one of Sonny T's girls.  Much to Jordan's amazement,  without any strings attached and within a matter of minutes of their meeting, she organized for Jordan to meet Sonny T. 

Once Jordan had his first successful meeting with Sonny T, he began to set a trap for the "untouchable" Jamaican Don in an effort to have him extradited to the U.S.  Due to this first stage of success with respect to Sonny T, Kay lost much of her appeal.  She was no longer of use to him professionally and with other love interests popping up, she wasn't much use sexually either.  When Jordan made it clear to Kay that their romance and 'deal' were no more, a scorned Kay went to Sonny T with news of Jordan's CIA connection and real motives.  Sonny T was furious and summoned Apple in an effort to entrap Jordan.  Apple quickly warned Jordan that Sonny T was after him and he then went into hiding.  For months, Apple has been the only person in contact with Jordan but Sonny T is desperate to find him no matter where he hides or however long it takes.  

Dexter Hammett is an American actor/model who has appeared on the Jamaican stage and debuted on Jamaican television in RPE.


FIGUEROA, KAY aka TINEY-WINEY - played by KAREN HARRIOT - was introduced to us as the seductive prostitute/go-go dancer and confidant of the stressed out Ted Blackburn.  "Daddy" as she affectionately called Ted, rescued her from a fate that she has vows will never befall her again - The Blue Rhapsody. With Ted Blackburn's funding, Tiney was able to get beyond her beginnings as a stripper and went back to school. After Ted's death, she struggled to finish school and ended up being blackmailed into smuggling drugs for Sonny T to survive. Tiney eventually became a computer expert and went to work at a computer company.  She not only reinvented her career but also her whole persona. So why not her name as well.  Tiney began to insist that she be called by her give name, Kay Figueroa.  

She entered into a serious relationship with Richard Blackburn after working with him at the Royal Palm Estate Farm office. She became pregnant with his child and they talked of marriage. She lost the baby but the relationship was still on track, for a while.  Despite all her efforts to leave her old life behind, she was constantly harassed by Inspector Madden.  Madden continually  pressured her to do his bidding with the threat of revealing her past to Richard.

When Richard disappeared with a baby which Jennifer Chambers claimed to be Jennifer and Richard's  Kay was left high and dry.  During Richard's absence Kay developed a friendship with Superintendent Foster who she fondly refers to as "Supe".  She assisted Foster in his ongoing investigations and at times found her life in danger. At one point she went undercover in a number of strip clubs island wide in efforts to track down one of Leslie Irving's associates, Paris.  There were no love interest in her life for quite some time but after a long absence Richard returned.  Unfortunately, he no longer had any interest in a relationship with Kay or anyone else for that matter.  

Kay continued  her career in computers and at the same time her friendship with Foster continued to flourish.  Despite all her "ties" she became eager to follow the herd and migrate to the United States.  This plan met a major bump in the road when her visa was denied because of her past affiliations with Sonny T.  An attractive young CIA agent posing as an American diplomat named Jordan Dubois then entered Kay's life with an offer she could not refuse.  Jordan was eager to gather information on Sonny T in an effort to build a case against him.  He realized Kay might be able to set up a connection based on her past with Sonny T.  Jordan offered her a green card and US$100,000 if she set up a meeting.  Despite how easy this would be to achieve, Kay had a problem sealing the deal.  She started developing feelings for Jordan, especially after she realized that things were truly over between herself and Richard.  Jordan found another way to meet Sonny T and it appeared that Kay no longer served a purpose - sexually or professionally.  Sensing the change, but unaware of why, Kay decided to finally set up Jordan's meeting with Sonny T - unfortunately too late.  When Jordan informed Kay that their green card deal was off as well as their sexual relationship, an irate Kay went to Sonny T with a mission to bring Jordan down.  Kay told Sonny T about Jordan's real intentions and in so doing, solidified her bond with Sonny T.

Kay's long standing relationship with Foster took an unexpected turn when he professed his love for her.  They took the leap to the bedroom, but the grapes quickly soured when Foster discovered that Sonny T was visiting Kay. Kay felt Foster was too controlling and told him they needed to "pause" their relationship.  While apart, Kay discovered she was pregnant.  When Kay first told Foster he reacted very negatively but with time embraced the idea, somewhat, but in an effort to keep Kay out of the limelight, he sent her to England to stay with his sister.

Karen Harriot is a businesswoman as well as an accomplished actress in theatre, film and television.  Karen is also one of Royal Palm Estate's original cast members.  She has consistently been in Royal Palm Estate since the very first season.    


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